From the early 2010s, Red Velvet cupcakes have made their mark and continues to be a crowd favorite even today. Since its debut (which to be fair, has been way before Sprinkles made it trendy), red velvet recipes have making its way around the dessert world. Perfect for festive seasons like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, it not only looks good, but tastes amazing. With a hint of chocolate most often paired with cream cheese frosting, it’s a popular go-to flavor.

After searching for the best red velvet recipes, I’ve found six that are a must make when you’re craving red velvet. While cupcakes surely are delightful, I feel they are a bit overdone and I can never stop at just one…

1) Red Velvet Cake

First and foremost is the basic red velvet cake recipe. After making several red velvet cakes, this is one I find to be the most epic cake recipe. It is perfect for birthdays and baby showers. Just be prepared not to have any leftovers…

Get the recipe from Recipe Tin Eat

Red Velvet Cake Adventures and Maitais

Photos from this recipe are from Recipe Tin Eats

This cake is simple, but the taste is anything but! My key tip is to add a bit of coffee (two tablespoons) into the mixture so that the flavor of the cocoa is enhanced.

2) Red Velvet Cheesecake

Red velvet cakes are almost always topped with cream cheese frosting. I feel that anything it really enhances the flavor of the cake so you could only imagine what it would taste like if you made a red velvet cheesecake… nothing short of amazing! Anyone who likes thick and creamy desserts will absolutely enjoy this recipe!

Get the cheesecake recipe at Recipe Girl

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Cheesy perfection ( this recipes photos are all from Recipe Girl)

Red velvet cheesecake adventures and maitais

Can’t resist a bite… or five

This cheesecake is out of this world simply because of all the great mix-up of flavors. The Oreo crust adds a touch more chocolate flavor while the cheesecake and topping brings a creamy texture. Perfect for date night dessert. Just be prepared to feel wonderfully satisfied!

3) Red Velvet Scones

Scones might be my all-time favorite pastry/bread/ carb of all time. I’m not sure where my love of scones came from, but anything resembling a scone or biscuit is my ultimate choice whenever I go to any bakery. Red velvet scones I would get, hands down, every time. To make sure I am never without, I found a recipe I can easily rely on!

Click for this beautiful scone recipe at Spicy Southern Kitchen

Red velvet scones Adventures and Maitais

Photos from Spicy Southern Kitchen

The cream cheese drizzle takes this scone from great, to AMAZING. If I could eat this for breakfast every morning with a cup of coffee, I would!

Red velvet scones adventures and Maitais

4) Red Velvet Pancakes

I find that whenever I’m on vacation and go out for breakfast, my eyes (and stomach) are always drawn to pancakes. Something stacking bread on top of each other and drizzling sweet syrup on top excites me. When their red and topped with cream cheese, it quickly becomes a special occasion! This pancake recipe can be found at Cooking Classy

Red Velvet Pancakes Adventures and Maitais

All recipe photos from Cooking Classy

Impress your significant other with breakfast in bed! They will forever be indebted to you if you make these red velvet pancakes. Just in case you were trying to come up with Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas…

Red Velvet Pancakes Adventures and Maitais

Look at those stacks

5) Red Velvet No-churn Ice Cream

Red Velvet Ice Cream Adventures and Maitais

All recipe photos from Delish

Ice cream is a dessert must for me. It completes most dishes – for example: brownie, apple pie, molten lava cake, etc. this recipe combines cake and ice cream together and I can’t believe how easy it is to make!

You can make your own Red Velvet Ice Cream from Delish

Enjoy this quick and easy dessert! It goes well extra cake crumble on top as well! Who doesn’t like extra cake?

6) Red Velvet Gooey Cheesecake Bars

I love desserts that have a gooey texture. I think that’s why red velvet anything is usually a winner for me because it has a bit of a more decadent texture than most cake flavors. So when I came across the gooey bars I couldn’t help but fall madly in love. This recipe goes well with ice cream too!

Click Two in the Kitchen for this awesome recipe!

Red Velvet Gooey Cheesecake Bars

So pretty in pink. Photos from Two In The Kitchen

I’m pretty sure these are the prettiest gooey bars I’ve ever seen…and tasted.
Red Velvet Cheesecake Gooey Bars


Nothing beats a good Red Velvet dessert and I hope that these recipes will bring joy to you and your family and friends! They certainly make me and the people around me happy when I bring them around!