Hawaii is known for many things, but especially for its beautiful landscape. It’s surrounded by water and mountains making it a top destination for instagram worthy photos.

My last visit to Hawaii, my friends who lived there took me on a hike with no warning of how “raw” the hike would be. However, the risk was definitely worth it, as the view up top was absolutely phenomenal. The Pali Puka Hike is not your typical hike.

If you are afraid of heights, this is not recommended for you as it can get quite narrow with steep drop offs. I’m pretty sure my legs were shaking though as i stood on the path. Literally one slip could send you tumbling over the edge (does this make you want to do this hike? haha).The view was breathtaking with a picture perfect lookout that frames the beautiful Hawaiian coastline. I must stress, you must be extremely cautious while hiking.

The Pali Puka Lookout (Photo Via Trails off Freedom)

The view at the beginning of the hike is a view on its own

Nobody warned me about this hike!

My wonderful tour guides – so thankful they brought me here

Group shot with an amazing view behind us

The steep climb down

Absolutely stunning

Definitely an Instagram worthy hike. Not only was it rewarding visually, but it was a great workout! Next time you go to Honolulu, go on an adventure to Pali Puka.