My idea of a delicious dessert is usually something to do with ice cream and cake, so when my mom told me she found the absolute best matcha dessert in Tokyo – I was skeptical to say the least. Being half Japanese, I’ve had plenty of Japanese sweets with matcha and while they were good, I would never pick it as my dessert of choice. HOWEVER, I have officially been converted…Nakamura Tokichi on the 4F of Ginza SixWith the original store in Uji City, Kyoto, they opened several other branches throughout Japan – even opening one over to Hong Kong.We made a visit to the branch in Ginza Six – during the weekday after lunch, we were seated immediately making my tummy incredibly happy.

Outside the store, there’s plenty of take away desserts and teas that you can buy if you’re in a rush. Photo via Adventures and Maitais

The recognizable image of Nakamura Tokichi brand.

A snippet of the menu. Photo via Adventures and MaiTais

If you’re hungry before dessert, there are savory options (such as noodles) to serve as an appetizer for these delicious matcha options. The rich matcha flavor and high quality leaves they use serve as a staple to their delicious desserts.

The interior of the Ginza store


You are welcomed with a tasty and smooth cup of green tea, as matcha is their speciality. Goes perfectly with the desserts.

We ordered the matcha parfait (standard), and oh my goodness I couldn’t stop eating it. The cream that topped the parfait was elegantly smooth without being too sweet. Next layer was of matcha cake (chiffon? Not sure but it was delicious), and below was puffs adding a crunchy texture. There was also Azuki (red bean) with mochi and green tea ice cream. With each delicate layer adding their unique touch, I was absolutely blown away.Dessert-matcha-Nakamura-Tokichi-Tokyo-Ginza
Love at first bite.
I am pretty sure we finished our parfaits within a 10 minute time span. It was THAT good.A definite must-have if you are traveling or live in Tokyo.