Finding the perfect brunch spot is like finding your favorite hairdresser — you make a full commitment to go to them on a regular basis and spend hours with them once you’re there. Usually if there’s a place that caters to all your needs, you rarely “branch out”, because what’s the point if you have found ‘the one’?

For me, the perfect brunch spot consists of three things:

1. Good comfort food (breakfast eggs are a must!)

2. Alcoholic beverages and decent coffee

3. Inviting atmosphere.

Buvette, located in Hibiya Midtown (Tokyo) has all of those listed.

Having lived in both the US and Europe, I find that one of the most stark commonalities they have in common in terms of socializing with friends, are the weekend brunches. In Asia, i don’t think it’s as sought after, at least not with my friends here. I feel like it’s the perfect excuse for those over 25 to drink and eat with friends without having to have an all night bender and wake up with a terrible hangover.

With their first location opening up in New York City, Buvette’s success went on to opening in Paris, and finally in Tokyo in 2018. This restaurant/ bistro has made its mark in three of the most coveted culinary cities — it is no wonder I find such joy there. If you visit Buvette’s Website, you’ll read that they are

dedicated to the enjoyment of eating and drinking.

Simple words to live by, but incredibly powerful in the Brunch world.

The ultimate brunch spot: Buvette (photo Via Time Out)

The menu includes some of the best brunch staples: LOTS of egg dishes (with salmon, cheese, whatever you choose); a waffle sandwich that satisfies the sweet and savory lovers, great pastries and dessert (my fave). To top it all off they have great mimosas and Bloody Marys – both drinks that symbolize a proper boozy brunch. Their mimosas have freshly squeezed orange juice with just the right amount of pulp, while still giving you that sweet buzz ( my sister got tipsy off of 2 glasses). The Bloody Mary was the perfect amount of kick that could get anyone up and going. All in all, great food that satisfies any hungry belly and booze to pair.

Some of my Buvette favorites include…

1) The Must-Have: Chocolate Mousse

Most decadent and addictive chocolate dessert (photo by us)

Don’t let the simplicity fool you – each bite was heavenly

2) Les Oeufs Chèvre ( basically just scrambled eggs with chèvre cheese)

Best scrambled eggs ever – nice and runny and paired perfectly with the creamy dollop of Chèvre cheese (photo by us)

3) Scone

I love a good scone and Buvette does it perfectly. A simple pastry that satisfies any carb lover (photo by us)

4) Salade de Poulet

Not your typical go-to brunch plate, but hits the spot if you want to be healthy! (Photo Via Instagrammer News)

5) Croque Madame

A grilled cheese and ham sandwich topped with fried egg and more ham. What could be better? (Photo Via Buvette)

So the next time you’re looking for a place to day drink and eat glorious food in Tokyo, swing by Buvette Tokyo for a guaranteed great time. All you need now is some friends to join you!