I am never one to be suckered into going to themed restaurants because I find that often times, they can be a bit cliche and the lacking quality food and/or drinks. However, when I stumbled across this hidden gem, I was convinced that isn’t always the case.

Located in the heart of Ginza (known as the shopping district of Tokyo), is Iron Fairies, a quirky bar that transports you to a underground world of fairies and enchantment. With a discreet entrance, as you enter Iron Fairies, you can’t really prepare yourself for what comes next. You are led downstairs and it is as if you are walking into Narnia, with the stark difference between the outside world and the fairytale land inside.

Iron Fairies Adventures and Maitais

The bar comes alive with its whimsical character and plush chairs that are oh-so inviting (photo via Iron Fairies GinzaIron Fairies Adventures and Maitais

The bar seating area, located in the back of the restaurant (photo by us)

I would recommend sitting by the bar (as soft and comfy as the chairs inside looked), just so you could watch the bartenders make all the charming and fantasy-like drinks! We had a bigger group with us so we had to sit inside, but it would have been great to see how they made their famous drink that was the size of our heads! (See picture below)

This drink was buried in a generous portion of candy floss!

Iron Fairies Adventures and Maitais

Everything in this place is decorated with such detail and after every visit you’ll find something you didn’t catch before (photo via Iron Fairies)

One of their many wonderful drinks! Photo via Iron Fairies Ginza

Iron Fairies brings you to adventure and fantasy Iron Fairies Ginza

If you are ever in Tokyo and want to be a kid at heart while still drinking adult drinks, definitely check out Iron Fairies Ginza. It’s hard not to have a big smile on your face as the waiter serves you a drink that is completely covered in candy floss. The cocktails are a bit on the sweet side, but still delicious and incredibly creative. Check out their website Iron Fairies Ginza Menu to check out their cafe and bar menu.