Let’s face it, we all love indulging in our burgers and fries and usually you don’t equate the word healthy and burgers together. However, don’t let the ‘Healthy Burgers’ fool you. Grill’d Restaurant has an extensive menu of all sorts of burgers that satisfies your appetite and makes you feel like you are cheating on your diet. They have options for the meat lovers and vegetarians as well as the gluten free dieters. They use creative ways to make healthy taste delicious and overindulgent.

The decor is nice and cozy even if you want to stop by for drinks (photo by us)

Grill’d is a great place to go as a big group or even alone as they cater to just about every person’s need and preferences. You can see that in their extensive menu below:

They have everything from beef, vegetarian, lamb, chicken and even a kids menu! (Photo by us)

The low carb super bun was just as satisfying as the actual bun providing texture with its slight crunch. When I usually full uncomfortably full after finishing a whole burger, the lack of volume with the bun provided just the right amount of food, especially with the side of gluten free avocado and zucchini chips (as he Aussies would say).

The avocado chips were coated with turmeric and quinoa making them crispy and full of flavor. The zucchini fries had a crunchy texture as well and didn’t lack the juicy flavor of zucchini inside. We had a side of hot and Smokey dip and sweet chili mayo to go with both fries.

The burgers we chose were the sweet chili mayo chicken with added pineapple and the Moroccan lamb burger both with the low carb super bun.

Sweet chili mayo chicken burger with Low carb super bun includes beetroot, shredded carrot, salad, relish and sweet chili mayo and add on of pineapple (photo by us)

Moroccan lamb burger Witt Low carb super bun includes grass fed free range Australian lamb with roasted peppers, tzatziki, relish and salad (photo by us)

I have to say these burgers were guilt-free, indulgent and perfect for days you feel like getting burgers and fries (aka hangovers).