I am an absolute sucker for breakfast. Whatever time of the day, I can always have a breakfast meal. You can indulge in sweet or savory (or both, my favorite) and pair it with a hot cup of proper coffee. So, when I find a cafe that serves awesome food and drinks, I get super excited. Just ask Anthony.

Throughout my travels, one place in particular, has stolen my heart. That place is: 2773 Glenbrook Cafe in Glenbrook, Australia.

Fun and lively atmosphere (photo Via 2773 Glenbrook )

It’s kid and adult friendly – fully equipped with a playground and bar menu. You know you’re in the right place when they serve amazing Espresso Martinis.

I’m not one to be picky about food presentation as long as the food is good. 2773 Glenbrook Cafe absolutely nailed both they taste and plating perfectly. Simple, delicately decorated, and fresh.

They have a range of health conscious and comfort foods from their “2773 Green Bowl” to their “Braised Lamb Shank Benedict”. For lunch, you have a wide variety with burgers, wraps, salads, steak and poke bowls.

The beautifully presented plates (photo Via AGFG)

You can never go wrong with burgers and fries (photo Via Steph Food Love )

Just reading the menu, I had such a hard choice – there were too many appetizing options! I literally could have gone everyday. I finally (after going back and forth a million times), ordered the “Sonoma Dark Malt Sourdough Toast #1 (which had Peanut Butter, sliced bananas and Cinnamon) with a side of poached eggs and smashed avocado. I also had a delicious almond milk cappuccino to add to my heavenly breakfast.

Best breakfast experience ever.

It’s all in the details. Fresh and natural flavors

To this day, I still tell everyone about my “favorite cafe in Australia”.

Check out the full day menu here and find what YOU want to try: 2773 Glenbrook Cafe Menu