As I get older, visiting nightclubs tend to be a once in a blue moon kind of thing. I usually prefer bars and house parties as opposed to being squished in a smoke-filled sardine can with music bursting my ear drums. However, I have to admit, Berns Hotel Nightclub is anything but a sardine can.

Takes you back in time (Photo Via Visit Stockholm)

Located in the center of the city where everything beautiful takes place, Berns Hotel not only has prime location covered, but the building itself is a historical piece of art. It has been open since 1873 and still keeps its majestic demeanor. Known for it’s great restaurants (when I used to live there we used to do weekend brunches), the nightclub is where magic meets music.

The lounge bar (photo Via Arbuturian)

With high ceilings and beautiful chandeliers, you feel like you’re transported back in time – only with current music playing. There’s something about Berns Nightclub, it offers the best of everything. If you get tired of the spacious dance floor, there’s a terrace area where you can enjoy your drinks as well.

With stunning decor, you can see how the Swedish really enjoy their partying – with class and lots of alcohol. You feel luxurious yet free to enjoy your own space and get lost in the music.

Photo Via Berns

With crystal chandeliers, it is a sure crowd pleaser. You feel like royalty while partying the night away.