When visiting a city that has an abundance of restaurants and great food, how are you meant to pick? The secret is: figuring out where to go.

Since brunch is my favorite meal of the day, this post is dedicated to the best brunch spots that Tokyo has to offer.

I love brunch because quite often, it’s a mixture of sweet and savory, and carbs usually make a fabulous appearance. While the concept of “brunch” is not necessarily popular amoungst the Japanese, they sure know how to provide the essentials to satisfy a hungry belly.

As mentioned before, Tokyo has a million places to go for food, but these are some of my favorite brunch places that celebrates the wonderful combination of breakfast and lunch.

1) Mercer Brunch (Roppongi)

This is definitely one of my favorites. They nail the sweet and savory portion of brunch. The menu is not necessarily a long list but they have a little something for everyone.

There are egg dishes (what is breakfast without some eggs), paired with proteins and they even have salads for those people who aren’t necessarily looking for a blow out. However, the best part of the meal is the french toast slices paired with every main dish.


French toast from heaven via Mercer Brunch

Photo Via Mercer Brunch

The first time we went and received the french toast, it didn’t look anything out of the ordinary and we wondered where the maple syrup was. When we took a bite of the soft french toast, we understood the absence of maple syrup. The toast was moist, and perfectly sweet. It looks plain, but it was anything but when you got into them!


The salad was a great dish if you weren’t looking for something heavy and wanted to save space for French toast. Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

Definitely a must visit if you love simple, but delicious brunches.

2) Cafe Le Pommier (Omotesando)

Avocado toast is such a staple to breakfast, lunches and sure for some, dinner. I absolutely love it, especially when all the elements work beautifully together.

Cafe Le Pommier nails the ingredients – a perfectly crispy slice of bread, chicken, avocado and seasoned with rock sea salt. It looks amazing on the plate and it’s paired with salad with a refreshing dressing that makes you forget you’re even eating a salad for brunch.

There is no shortage of avocado. Photo Via Aumo

They also have a variety of smoothies and juices that help you detox (especially after a not so healthy weekend).

Avocado toast is not the only thing on the menu – risotto, mushroom on toast, sandwiches, etc. It’s not necessarily a draw dropping food experience, but if you’re looking for something easy, casual and you LOVE avocado toast… this is the place for you!

Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

3) Bills (Harajuku, Odaiba, Ginza)

I’ve actually heard from multiple people that the Bills in Tokyo is better than where it all began in Sydney. It wasn’t that people didn’t like the Bills in Sydney, its just that they were so impressed with the Bills in Tokyo.

They have seasonal dishes as well, as dishes that are permanently on the menu such as their mouthwatering Ricotta pancakes.

The best of the best. Ricotta pancakes with banana and honeycomb butter. Photo Via Timeout

They also have other dishes that include egg, sausage, the typical ingredients you would expect at brunch. They also have booze which makes any brunch a better one!


The fresh Aussie plate with lots of colors and textures! Photo Via Adventures and Maitai

4) Towers (Roppongi)

Towers is actually in the Ritz Carlton Hotel and not only does it have an amazing view of the city – you also get food that tastes great and looks pretty.

During the weekday, they have a set menu that includes either a three course or four course meal. It starts at about 4,500 yen, which for the quality of the meal, I think it is incredibly well priced.


One of the main dishes during weekday lunches. Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

During weekends they have brunch courses, which are a bit steeper at 7,500 Yen but the options leave you full and soooo satisfied.


At the end of the meal, a trolley of beautiful desserts awaits your choice. Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

While, you may not be visiting Towers on a daily basis, it’s definitely a great place when you want to splurge and have a bit of a luxurious brunch.

5) Buvette (Hibiya)

This one has a little bit of everything. A french-styled cafe with great mimosas and delicious brunch plates.

There are a variety of egg dishes and fancy waffle sandwiches that tastes as good as they sound!


Fluffy scrambled eggs that satisfy the brunch hunger. Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

Photo Via Buvette Tokyo

The sweet part of the brunch is probably the most delicious chocolate mousse I’ve ever had. It definitely doesn’t look half as good as it tastes though. Looking super simple, its just chocolate mousse and whip cream that actually isn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. It was decadent and quite frankly, absolutely delicious. Even people who don’t necessarily like sweets – it’s still a must try!


The amazzzzingggggg chocolate mousse