Food has always been a staple for many cultures and it is always interesting to taste how different or how similar foods from different countries are. Take noodles for example – they can vary from Pho to ramen, spaghetti to Pad Thai. It is incredibly fascinating how the simple concept of noodles can be manipulated to completely different dishes.

Similar to noodles, I find pies are also diverse, where different countries have different takes on flaky pastry with filling. In Australia, they have a very different take on pies than what I have been used to… and let me tell you, it’s delicious. It reminded Meike chicken pot pie in the US but easy to eat on the go (if you decided to opt out on the toppings that is). A buttery flaky crust with gooey, warm filling of juicy roasted chicken pieces with veggies. Of course, there are other filling options like steak or veggies.

I had my first Aussie pie experience in Brisbane at Beefy’s pie in Aussie World, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I walked into Beefy’s overwhelmed with the beautifully golden brown pastry lined up perfectly next to one another. They also serve pastry and sweets that made my mouth water with excitement.

Hard to pick just one option… (photo by us)

Hard to resist but after a pie it’s hard to fit anymore food in my belly (photo by us)

I decided to go for chicken and veggies pie, Anthony went for the steak and bacon with mashed potato and gravy topping. It’s like a Christmas meal in pie form!

Pie made for men (photo by us)

Simplicity at its finest with chicken and veg

They were baked to perfection with appetizing color. The pie without topping looked simple, but each bite brought so much flavor! When in Australia, do as the Australians do.

Perfectly drenched with gravy to give it that extra touch (photo by us)

The chicken was never dry, big chunks that was deliciously flavorful!