Nothing feels more relaxing than enjoying a hot cup of good coffee (I need to emphasize the word good, because finding great coffee is like coming across a gold mine) and a nice warm buttery slice of banana bread. Where I get my relaxation on is a little place called Franks N’ Beans in East Corrimal (New South Wales, Australia).

If you are ever in town, not only do they have a pristine beach with no tourists and great waves, they also have one heck of a cafe.

Two hot long blacks (photo by us)

Franks N’ Beans, while located next to a supermarket in a semi-parking lot, has some outstanding food and coffee. A lot of locals frequent the coffee shop creating a lively atmosphere. It closes early afternoon (at 14.00 usually, so its the “early bird catches the worm” sort of situation). They have great breakfast options ranging from eggs on sourdough toast, to French toast, fresh juices, sandwiches, you name it. Our favorite on the menu is the Green Breakfast paired with a long black coffee (or americano for the Americans). Also, as mentioned before, they have banana breads that deliciously crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It’s hard for me to remember a banana bread that tastes better than the ones they have at Franks N’ Beans.

Green Breakfast with a side of smoked salmon (Photo by us)

Free range scrambled eggs that had great flavor and fluffiness on top of sourdough bread generously buttered (photo by us)

Broccolini, peas, freshly shaved Parmesan, sourdough buttered toast is the best (photo by us)