I am a massive foodie, so when I got on vacation, most of the trip revolves around where I’m going to eat and finding my favorite spots. So, when I recently went to Noosa, Queensland, not only did I have a list of places I wanted to try, but I also narrowed down the best of the best.

1. Cafe Le Monde (Noosa) for the health nuts that love a good poke bowl

This one was hard to pick just one considering there are a few in Noosa that are actually quite good. There’s Raw & Rice, Larder & Baked, Coconut Head, just to name a few, but my absolute favorite was from Cafe Le Monde on Hastings street. They give you a choice of brown rice or soba noodles (which I really appreciated because sometimes cold noodles is just so refreshing on a hot day). They also give you choices for proteins, each one super fresh and tasty. They’re not called “poke bowls” on the menu but they’re essentially the same thing. My pick of the lunch menu is the “Laguna Bowl” with Brown Rice and Salmon Sashimi. I love the Kim chi and all the crunch and flavors that come with the bowl.


The laguna bowl with fresh sashimi.photo Via Adventures and Maitais

Even if you aren’t a health nut, the menu has an array of delicious food and whatever I am in the mood for, I know I can find it at Cafe Le Monde.

They also have awesome dinner deals for the day that come with a glass of wine or beer for 28 AUD. SO WORTH IT.


Meat lovers rejoice on Tuesday with Shiraz Braised Beef Cheek. Photo via Cafe Le Monde


One of my favorites. Mondays with Lamb Ragu. Photo via Cafe Le Monde

2. El Capitano Pizzeria & Bar (Noosa) for the BEST pizza

I love pizza so I feel like finding the proper pizza joint is crucial to any vacation. I was surprised however, by how much I enjoyed at El Capitano – and I dare to say, I think its one of my favorites I’ve ever had. The reason being is that they use organic sourdough crust that has been fermented for 72 hours…and while that may not sound super appetizing, let me assure you, whatever they did to the dough made it absolutely drool worthy. Each bite is welcomed with the crispiness of the base, and inside the dough is just wonderfully chewy with fresh homemade ingredients (the pork and fennel sausage was divine). Literally just thinking about it makes my mouth salivate.

I can literally eat pizza from El Capitano for the rest of my life. Photo Via Open table au

Definite must for pizza lovers out there.

3. Sum Yung Guys (Sunshine Beach, not quite Noosa but close enough!) for Masterchef Quality Asian Cuisine

I had to add this one to the bunch because Sum Yung Guys is definitely worth the hype. Not only is the atmosphere cool and lively, the service was so pleasant. Prior to going to the restaurant, our friends had told us it was their absolute FAVORITE restaurant in the area and that we HAD to try the Prawn Toast. After going, I have to say, now I understand the hype.


The infamous prawn toast! Licked the plate clean. Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

Every dish was a flavor explosion in my mouth and one dish tasted so different from the next.


The menu that confused the crap out of us because we wanted EVERYTHING. Photo Via Adventures and Maitais

4. Noosa Boathouse (Noosaville) for lunch with a view

We were hunting for wedding locations and while we’re not going to have it here, I have to say, the food was so good. With the boathouse overlooking (and pretty much on top of) the water, it was such a great setting!


Looks as delicious as it tastes. Photo Via Visit Noosa

flavors were bold, yet simple. If you’re feeling hungry and wanting a view of the water, this is the place to be.


If you’re feeling fancy. Photo Via Visit Noosa

There were pelicans enjoying the water as well making the experience that much more “Noosa”.

5. Miss Moneypenny’s (Noosa) for some great drinks and awesome bar food

This one came to me as quite the surprise. We were starving at 9:30 pm and couldn’t find any where that was still serving except this hidden gem.


Great array of food. Photo Via Miss Moneypenny’s

We ordered from the bar bites (at that moment, I wish we made it in time for dinner) but I was pleasantly surprised and so glad we went there!


Not only did they have awesome food, but the drinks were just as impressive! Photo Via Miss Moneypennys

Recommendation: MUST ORDER the baked voodoo bacon, jalapeño, jack cheddar cheese oysters… I’m not usually the biggest bacon fan but it was amazing!!


The oysters. Oh the oysters! Photo Via Miss Moneypennys

If anyone has any recommendations I would love more!! Happy eating!!!