Dessert is usually an indulgence that brings very little nutritional value to us, yet we get so much pleasure from it. What is it about a hot fudge sundae that makes us so happy even for a second?

Unfortunately, that happiness is often a fleeting feeling, followed by guilt for eating sweets. What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Ever considered reaching for a Quest Nutrition Protein Bar?

Enter the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar..

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars are the answer to your dessert dreams! They taste like dessert should taste – all while having high protein, low sugar, low net carbs, AND being keto friendly! Perfect to curb your cravings.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Best Sellers Variety Pack - Adventures and Maitais
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Best Sellers Variety Pack via Amazon

What Makes Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Better Than the Rest?

The Quest Nutrition Protein bars have a brownie-like chewy texture (exactly how I like my desserts) and even have some cookie pieces to make it like a proper dessert. Protein bars tend to taste grainy, fall apart, or even straight up tastes funky, but no funkiness with these bad boys

Not only do they taste amazing, they also have a 20 grams of protein with only 170-200 calories. While some protein bars might have fewer calories, the lack the protein and flavor makes them less than desirable. The whole point of dessert is that you want to spoil yourself.

They have Mouth-Watering Dessert Flavors

I found that the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Best Seller Variety Pack  was the best option because I couldn’t pick just one flavor (there were too many to choose from)!

Flavors include:

cookies and cream
apple pie,
double chocolate chunk,
strawberry cheesecake, 
chocolate brownie, 
mint chocolate chunk, 
chocolate peanut butter, etc. 

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars - Adventures and Maitais
The twelve decadent dessert flavors photo via Amazon

Keep in mind, however, that this is a great substitute for dessert and not an excuse to eat excessive amounts because calories are still calories. Be warned, they are extremely delicious and these Quest Nutrition Protein Bars with their many wonderful flavors and 20 grams of protein, is highly recommended.