I’ve never been a technically savvy person and unless someone (and in this case, my husband) gets me a product and teaches me how to use it, I’m quite useless. However, there has been one in particular, that I realized I couldn’t live without, until it broke — the Apple iPad Keyboard.


Sturdy stand and full keyboard like a laptop photo Via Adventures and Maitais

We are always on the go and traveling, so anything that can simplify and organize my life without taking up too much space, is always appreciated…and this is exactly what the keyboard did for me. It’s compact, protects my iPad AND it’s so easy to use! It literally transforms my iPhone into a laptop without the heaviness ( I have an MacBook Air).

It makes doing work a lot easier, and lighter for travel. Rather than have to bring my laptop to meetings (especially when its multiple meetings halfway across town on public transport), I can have all the amenities of a laptop in half the size. Also, I can use bags that aren’t tailored to laptops, because let’s face it, they’re not always fashion friendly.

When the keyboard broke (due to unforeseen circumstances), I didn’t realize how much I depended on it. I still had the broken one on until I replaced it, because it didn’t make my laptop heavy or clunky, just protected it. Also, did I mention, its AWESOME for watching movies on Netflix, because it also is used as a stand.

It wasn’t long after it broke that I got a new one because life just wouldn’t be the same without it. Who knew I’d be so dependent on a iPad keyboard?

You can get one here at Amazon