One of the things I look forward to while traveling is the breakfast. I feel like every country has it’s own unique dishes that encompass their breakfast meals. You literally break your ‘fast’ indulging in sweet or savory goodness!

(Photos via Serious Eats)

A must-have while visiting Taiwan is definitely their rendition of breakfast. Here are some of my favorites.

1) Xiao Long Bao (also known as Soup Dumplings in the western world).

Photo Via Kirbie Cravings

Because who doesn’t like freshly steamed dumplings?

2) Shao Bing You Tiao Jia Dan (Basically fried dough and scallion eggs wrapped in a flaky pastry/bread)

(Photos via Serious Eats)

I would have to say this is my favorite thing to order. The scrambled egg with scallions goes so well inside the pastry bread like a sandwich. The pastry is essentially a baked wheat bread.

3) Dan Bing (Egg pancake)

This is awesome for people who like eggs! It’s almost like an egg tortilla with this sauce that is sort of like soy sauce but with a sticky texture.

4) Dou Jiang (Hot or Cold Soybean Milk)

(Photos via Serious Eats)

The soy milk goes great with the food. I prefer warm soy milk with no sugar because it sort of plays the role of coffee when you eat breakfast. Everything just seems to taste better.

5) Tian Fan Tuan (Sweet fried dough inside sticky rice)

(Photos via Serious Eats)

If you like sweet pastries for breakfast, this one might be for you. It is sticky rice that is wrapped around sugar and crunchy pieces of fried dough. So simple, but so addicting!

Next time you visit Taiwan, make sure you check out their breakfasts! It is especially satisfying when you go after a big night out and want some late night munchies. They are usually serving early in the morning (before 3 am).