Finding good sushi in Tsukiji (let alone Japan), is like trying to pick your favorite bite of chocolate lava cake – every bite is just as lovely as the next. Especially if you’re only visiting Japan for a short visit, you don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to try to find the best sushi place – the possibility is endless! So, to make finding a place just that little bit easier, what we have here is an option for a unique sushi place in the Tsukiji fish market that won’t break the bank and has it’s own special “magic show”.

So, in a sea of fish (haha), how do you find the one you’re looking for? This particular branch is the second store that the restaurant has opened. The store name is Shutoku (second branch). It’s off the main Tsukiji road and up a flight of stairs. Once you go in, you’ll see a large counter with about three sushi chefs. there are also tatami tables you could sit at, but I recommend the counter as you get a show from the chefs while you taste one sushi at a time.. By show I don’t mean the cheesy hibachi restaurant chefs that make a volcano from onions, but a sushi master, delicately preparing their craft so that each bite is an endless wonder of deliciousness. Our chef called himself a magician, who hypnotized us with his sushi making skills.

All courses are Omakase or Chefs choice with three price points. Lunch is 4,200 ¥, 6,000¥, and 8,000¥. Dinner was slightly more expensive with more food.

Below are some of the masterpieces that came out. Instead of dipping your sushi into soy sauce and wasabi, the chef is in control of how much sauce, salt, extra toppings are on each bite of sushi. For the simply prepared sushi, the chef lightly brushes soy sauce on top of the fish, glazing it with a beautiful shiny finish.

Our sushi chef for lunch called himself the “magician” and I couldn’t agree with him more (photo by us)

Our starter bite was Tamago (egg) that was just the right amount of sweet and salty (photo by us)

Our first bite was a good bite. Tuna at its finest

Medium fatty tuna is probably my absolute favorite even with its simple preparation

Melt-in-your-mouth squid topped with sea urchin. Who knew they’d taste so good together?

Seared fatty tuna was absolutely buttery

Baby shrimp with sea urchin a surprisingly delightful bite

Seared beef was a great addition to all the fish

For those who love sea urchin (uni), this high quality uni has an amazingly creamy texture that leaves you wanting more!

Overall the best omakase sushi experience I’ve had in a while without being too expensive. A place I love to take visiting guests of Tokyo. Everyone (I’ve taken) has enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back!