With its jaw dropping views, my first ever helicopter ride was fully equipped with movie-ready scenery (countless number of movies have been filmed on the Na Pali Coast ie. Pirates of the Caribbean).

Na’Pali Coast

There are a few helicopter tours around Kauai, but we decided on Sunshine Helicopter Tours due to time constraints. It was easy to book online and once we arrived at the destination, they just went through a quick introduction and we were on our way.

If we can recommend one thing, it would be to sit in the first class seat if you want to take proper pictures and videos. We sat in the back and was still able to get some nice shots—but we told ourselves the next time we go on, we’d definitely sit in the front. It’s a bit more cost-wise, but well worth it.

The ride was about 250$ and it may sound steep, but Kauai really has so much to offer with it’s beauty. If we had more time in Kauai we definitely would have gone on another helicopter ride with the first class seats —it was that good.

Opt for first class seats – you can get first class views

Aerial View of Na’Pali Coast