These days, new hotels are popping up left and right and it’s hard to pick one from the other. Usually its by price, sometimes by brand, and others by location. I’ve been working in the hotel industry for quite some time now — checking out hotels and doing site inspections. While each hotel has it’s own flavor, its hard to really set them apart (of course the star categories differ).

One hotel that I’ve found to be a national treasure is The Grand Hotel in Taipei. It sits regally on top of a mountain in the middle of the city and has probably one of the best views Taipei has to offer. There is a city view, mountain view, and for those airplane fanatics, an airplane landing view.

Landing into Songshan airport you get a great view of the Grand Hotel

As you walk into the lobby, you feel a different air immediately. Tradition and the lavished intricacies of Chinese culture is embedded into their decor and if you look closely at the details of the hotel, you will be so impressed with it’s grand nature. The rooms are large and spacious and if you get a Prestige Deluxe room with the extra large bed, you will be pleasantly surprised. We stayed for 5 nights and wanted to take the bed home with us. It is HUGE and Anthony and I never woke each other up when we moved or got up.

The lobby makes everything (including Anthony) look tiny

Oh and did I mention how awesome the pool is? It is probably the best pool I’ve ever been to in Taipei, as well as the largest. It literally is a little paradise hidden inside a hectic city.

View of hotel from their pool (separate club section)

Of course nothing is ever perfect –even though they sure can be close — If I had any negatives, it would be the water pressure in the shower and the breakfast buffet. The coffee could also be better (although, in some of the rooms they have the nespresso machines). However, the view and palace-like magic makes up for all of that.

The ceiling features 23 dragons and 16 phoenixes

At the Golden Dragon Restaurant where you couldn’t ask for a better view of Taipei City

The chef preparing the delicious Peking duck

They even have a secret tunnel from the hotel leading to Jiantan Park

If you’re going to visit Taipei, you might as well stay at the landmark of the city. It truly is a magical experience. Only 15 minutes by cab to downtown or the airport, the location is still quite ideal. It’s your little oasis that transports you back in time while still maintaining the luxury and comfort of today.