I have a new found love for protein bars – they’re sweet and also fills you up. It’s perfect to take with you while you go on adventures because it’s easy to pack, AND they satisfy your hunger. I especially like to eat them in the afternoon because that’s usually when my stomach tells me I need something in there. Often times though, they’re loaded with sugars and calories, which usually is the same amount as a muffin so I tend to stay away from those protein bars.

So, I’ve come up with my top three favorite protein bars that are not too high in sugar and calories. Please keep in mind, I am not a nutritionist, nor am I a fitness coach, I just like to eat protein bars when I’m hungry and on the road. I personally just love snacking on them because they fill me up, I normally never eat more than one a day. On rare occasion, if I’m desperate and have nothing else to munch on, I’ll eat two at the most. I also go for ones that are anywhere from 147 calories to 290 calories at the most (because calories are calories after all).

1) Slim Secrets Afternoon Snack Attack! (Choc Caramel Decadence)

Protein Bars Adventures and Maitais

Photo via Slim Secrets AU

This one is my absolute favorite. It’s from Australia, but we are able to buy it in Japan as well. It’s not too sweet and absolutely addicting. You don’t get the “protein bar” flavor or texture. It just tastes like a candy bar that isn’t ridiculously sugary. My sister is also a fan of eating protein bars as dessert sometimes, and she was absolutely impressed with this protein bar.

It has:

  • 11.8 grams Protein
  • 2 grams Sugar
  • 147 Calories.
  • 4.5 grams of Fibre

This one is perfect for people who want to have a satisfying afternoon snack, while still maintaining their calorie count. They also mention that it’s wheat free. I am an absolute sucker for this one. They also have a few other flavors that are also delicious such as their cookies and cream flavor (see below).

Protein Bars Adventures and Maitais

Cookies & Cream flavor with 148 Calories! Photo via Slim Secrets AU

If you’re interested in all the ingredients and different products they have, visit Slim Secrets AU.

2) Go Macrobar (Protein Pleasure)

I honestly think that peanut butter and chocolate is probably one of the best combinations out there. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that once or twice from my previous blog posts, but I just can never get over it. That’s why when I found this protein bar, for a while, I was eating it for dessert every day. I skipped snacks and ate a little less for dinner, just so I could eat one of these babies for dessert. It’s a bit higher in calories than the other ones, but it’s SO good. So be aware of the calorie count and make sure that if you’re on a diet, you eat these strategically.

Photo via GoMacro

  • 11 grams Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Soy Free
  • 290 Calories

For more of their products and nutritional value, visit GoMacro

3) FulFil Nutrition (Dark Chocolate and Mint)

This one is another protein bar that is lower in sugar without the chemically enhanced flavor that protein bars tend to have. If you love dark chocolate you will thoroughly enjoy this bar. It has a sophisticated taste, with a creamy layer of mint. This has a higher protein content than most so I really like this one, especially after a workout!

Photo via Fulfil Nutrition

  • 186 Calories
  • 20 Grams Protein
  • 10.7 Grams Fibre
  • 1 Gram Sugar

For More information on their products, visit Fulfil Nutrition