I find that celebrities usually have a good gauge of go-to products as they have the ability to try out a huge variety of things — from low to high cost. So, I find that if something becomes trendy, it’s usually pretty accurate.

Case and Point: The White Fox Boutique bikini that Sophia Ritchie was instagrammed in. Funnily enough, Sophia’s boyfriends baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian has also been spotted sporting the bikini.

This brand has versatile swimwear that doesn’t require a flawless flat ab body. It really suits all body types, which I appreciate. It’s sporty, yet girly and the colors are fun and flirty.

Sophia Ritchie photo Via ( Daily Mail UK )

They also have one piece suits perfect for pool parties photo Via Amy Hibbard

Kourtney Kardashian photo Via Daily Mail UK

With an Australian designer, this brand not only designs swimwear, but they also have clothing, shoes and accessories. Bring their comfortable and sexy bikinis on your next travel adventure! Check out White Fox Boutique for more of their products! You won’t be disappointed.