It’s usually pretty standard to grab a drink or two after a ski/ snowboard session and there’s no better place to get one than at Bar Gyu+ in Niseko. I have to say, it is probably my favorite bar in the area and the drinks are phenomenal.

Bar Gyu+ is also called The Fridge Door because (surprise, surprise), the entrance is an actual fridge door. For those of you who are tall, the doorway may be a bit difficult to get through. It’s quite short and it opens into a cave-like setting, which is why I like to think that whenever I visit Bar Gyu+, I enter into Hobbit world.

The fridge door entrance making you feel like a hobbit. Photo via Wine Dine Niseko

Bending over to get through the doorway, you enter into a quite magical and cozy scene. The inside has a dim lighting that almost reminded me of a fire going. It was warm and delightful and has large windows that overlook a snowy scene. With outdoor lights, it makes the falling snow sparkle and you’re transfixed with just the most perfect atmosphere for a nightcap.

Photo via Japan Info

View from the second floor is just as nice with the snow. Photo by us

They have an array of cocktails on the menu, including Hot Buttered Rum and Hot Apple Pie drinks to warm your soul. You can tailor your cocktail to your liking (I always ask for less sugar or no sugar). My favorite drink there is the Espresso Martini because damn, do they make a good one.

They also have standard drinks as well if cocktails don’t tickle your fancy. I just love the atmosphere and vibes there because it’s super laid back and so fitting to the snow scene.

How tiny is that hobbit doorway? Photo by us

We’ve been here for a couple of days and have already gone more than I’d like to admit. If I could recommend ONE bar in Niseko, it would definitely be this one.