A friend of ours had recommended going to Brenneck’s Beach Broiler during our trip to Kauai. He had gone every night for 5 nights because he enjoyed it so much. We figured we might as well try it once, but just judging the name alone, I was not expecting a romantic date night spot.

I was wrong.

The restaurant was beachfront and on the second floor, which meant picture perfect views. The view and atmosphere alone was enough to accommodate a romantic date night.

View of the restaurant

Hands Down best view in Poipu

I didn’t think it could get any better…until our food arrived, then it did.

We ordered the macadamia nut crusted Mahi-Mahi ($33.00) and Surf & Turf ($35.00) for our main, which well exceeded our expectations. The seafood was fresh and vegetables were perfectly cooked. Anthony said the crunch was still there (ain’t no body got time for soggy veggies). Being dessert people, we ordered the flourless chocolate cake ($13.00) that ended our dinner on a high note.

Of course, we had the famous Mai Tais to go with our meal. Can’t go wrong with a drink that has been ordered over a million times!

The view pre sunset is just as beautiful

Famous for serving over a million Mai Tais!

Strongly recommended — Guaranteed a good time. We ended up going again the next night.