Tokyo is a city where you could literally go into any neighborhood, any street and find some place cool to venture into. So rather than list the top best bars to go to (because that would be an impossible feat as we probably haven’t even been to 1% of them), I have made a list of top 6 places that is fun to get drunk at.

What does a good bar consist of? Good drinks, atmosphere, value, and just an overall awesome time.

1) Peak Lounge at Park Hyatt

Located on the 39th floor at Park Hyatt Hotel (photo Via )

The Peak Lounge offers this great ‘Peak of Joy’ menu from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (120 min all-you-can-drink) with the price of 5,800 JPY (not including service charge and tax). This is well worth the money for these reasons: the view and drinks. The food wasn’t too bad but the portion size was quite small. Depending on your appetite, you may want to eat a snack either before or after the meal.

2) The Tokyo Whisky Library

They have a huugggeeee book (more like encyclopedia) of different types of whisky

The decor is warm and classic. The atmosphere pairs perfectly with a glass of scotch (photos via: Tokyo Whisky Library)

3) Gen Yamamoto

This place is a bit more unconventional than your typical “get drunk” spot. It’s more of a pregaming place in my eyes. The atmosphere is a bit quiet with only 8 seats. It has a cocktail tasting menu that changes according to Japanese seasonality. The tasting menu for four cocktails is 4,700 JPY and the six cocktails is 6,700 JPY (as well as a 1,000 JPY cover charge). Definitely a must try not only for the drinks, but also the experience.

4) Mogambo Tokyo

(Photo Via Mogambo Asia )

Now this is a place for good old-fashioned bar fun. They have throwback music (and by throwback I mean Britney Spears circa Baby, One More Time), mediocre drinks, but a fun, lively crowd. It’s pretty much a shot bar but if you’re with the right people or want to make international friends, this is the place to go.

5) Agave

Cozy atmosphere while sipping tequila (photo Via: Agave)

This place is located in a basement in Roppongi with over 400 different tequila and mescal. Great place to hang with friends and drink high quality tequila. They also serve amazing fruit margaritas that aren’t too sweet. If you’re craving some chips and guacamole they have that too. But be aware, their portion sizes are quite small — so you may need to order two!